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A Track Record of Student Success

We are incredibly proud of the success our students have found through adult education programs from Sierra County Schools for Adults. Professional connections, new skills, and opportunities to further a career path are a few of the many benefits our students can experience. Hear it directly from the source – a few of our current and previous students’ testimonials about their experiences can be found below.

Basic Computer:

Today’s class was amazing! They all have been, but today unlocked a mystery for me.  So much fun learning to make that flyer!”

Brian S.

“Before we started these classes I felt lost!  I especially love that I can FaceTime my children now.”

Susanne B.

“The fact that you will make house calls to help us connect our technology shows the school cares about the community.”

EMT Basic:


“It was a foreign language. I love the industry and wanted to learn more. Our instructor was very engaging and informative. 10 ⭐ stars, GREAT class!”

Jacob C.

“Instructor did an excellent job tying direct medic experience to classroom instruction at the appropriate time and level.”

Sean M.

“Practicing the skills on the top notch equipment was a great experience. The instructor makes the class enjoyable.”

Justin B.

“My goals at the Sierra County School for Adults, and what I would like to come away with by taking the Computer and Cell Phone Class, is to expand my limited knowledge of computer and cell phone technologies. Prior to enrolling  in this class, my skill level was “beginner” at best, and I felt isolated from social media. Through the exceptional guidance of Wendy Church-Bergstrom, I have  been able to expand my basic knowledge of the PC, Lap Top, Cell Phone, and learned Microsoft Word, Excel, Scanning, Emailing, and Key Computer Terms. She has also helped me to use the Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Messaging, and other tools to help expand my personal interest and my place within the community. I have also learned how to self promote my local Restaurant and Real Estate Business. I find this program extremely beneficial and I am so grateful to have this resource available in Loyalton!”

Bob F.

Culinary Boot Camp:

“This Boot Camp was well organized. Even though I’ve been in the service industry for many years, I picked up a few new techniques to handle difficult guests, and had a great time networking with the other local service industry employees.”

Michael W.


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