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Regional Info

Sierra County Schools for Adults (SCSA) is located in the Northern portion of Sierra Mountain, Sierra County, California. We have five primary communities with very diverse populations.

town hall in downieville

School Info

SCSA was founded in January 2019. Our primary focus was determined by a series of community town hall meetings that were held from February thru April of 2019. From these meetings, it was learned that the needs of the two sides of the county are very different in content but similar in scope. Upskilling and skill-building of employees was the primary need identified.

The next step of our journey was to locate a permanent location for the Loyalton Campus. We started serving students at the District Office located in a room that was initially used for storage. From those humble beginnings, we now have a beautiful site, on what was the Loyalton Middle School Campus. We have an office space and a classroom that is furnished for the comfortable learning of adults. We will be adding an additional 36’ x 40’ building, the Spring of 2022, which will be our primary learning lab facility. This space will house a culinary lab and an Emergency Medical Services lab.

The California Adult Education Program (CAEP), the Federal Work Improvement Opportunity Act (WIOA), and a variety of grants, fund the school. We currently have one full-time position and several part-time positions, that staff the school in a variety of functions. We received a three-year initial WASC accreditation in April of 2020 for our high school program and our EMS program is accredited through NorCal EMS with the State of California.

There are two primary locations: the main campus is in Loyalton, at 605 School Street, and the satellite campus is in Downieville, at 103 School Street.

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